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Erectile Dysfunction Treatment

It’s no secret that this problem is quite common among older men, but recently it also occurs in young people aged 23-30 years.

Erectile dysfunction is a common symptom of many chronic mental illnesses. Lifestyle factors such as smoking, drug use, alcohol abuse, and lack of exercise contribute to its development. At the age of over 40, in most cases, erectile dysfunction is a symptom of a disorder of the vital systems of the body (cardiovascular, nervous, endocrine).

The fastest, most reliable, and affordable method of treating erectile dysfunction in men is the use of specific drugs that improve erectile function. The use of such medications avoids complete impotence. In our pharmacy, you will find a large selection of medicines to treat this disease.

Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra relax the smooth muscles in the penis, resulting in increased blood flow and an erection. These drugs are effective in 80% of cases. Side effects can include headaches, indigestion, and blue eyesight, but they usually go away quickly.

Such drugs are usually available in the form of tablets for oral administration but differ in the active substance, dosage, duration of effect, and the number of pills in the package. The mechanism of action is the same: once the active ingredient enters the body, it activates blood circulation in the genital area, which helps to achieve a healthy erection in a natural way (with the presence of stimulation).

Nootropic Medications

Nootropics are medicines that stimulate neurometabolic activity, exerting a specific effect on mental brain functions. Nootropic substances like Modafinil increase the resistance of brain cells to toxins, tissue hypoxia, and excessive stress. The course use of drugs improves the ability to learn, remember, enhancing the cognitive abilities of the body.

They influence the brain in order to improve memory, improve concentration, activate cognitive functions, improve learning ability, increase efficiency, partially improve the general condition in depressive states.

Nootropics also can be used in the case of excessive physical and mental stress, for example, when passing an exam, or when a person is in a state of hypoxia (gas contamination conditions in a metropolis, work with harmful physical factors).

Drugs of this series improve the dynamics of nerve processes in the brain, help to restore movement and speech after a cerebrovascular accident, and provide a mild psychostimulating effect.